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Includes Bag of Chips • Fresh Fruit • Cookies • Bottled Water with Crystal Light On The Go

Ciabatta Char Grilled Chicken
Plump grilled chicken breast served on out rustic ciabatta bread, with swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles and a creamy chipotle mayo. Served with couscous salad.

Blackened Chicken Breast on Rustic Ciabatta
With remoulade sauce and watercress. Served with tomato cucumber salad with basil.

Rustic Smoked Turkey & Havarti
Fresh baked rustic ciabatta brea loaded with thinly slicked smoked turkey, creamy havarti cheese, cranberry mayo, and leaf lettuce. Served with orange jicama salad with mint.

Roasted Turkey Breast
Roasted turkey sllicked thin and piled high on a wholesome baguette with leaf lettuce, american cheese, and cranberry nioli. Served with pasta salad.

Grilled Sirloin & Brie
Grilled sirloin served on out fresh ciabatta bread with brie, leaf lettuce, red peppers, watercress, and bistro sauce. Served with german potato salad.

Peppercorn Encrusted Roast Beef
Thinly-sliced peppercorn roast beef, with leaf lettuce, and a creamy dijon horseradish sauce. Served with tomato cucumber salad with basil.

Black Forest Ham Panini
Black forest ham pillled high on grilled facaccia, with provolone cheese,, grilled peppers, baby greens, and a creamy dijon aioli. Served with potato salad.

Tuna on Croissant
Fresh croissant loaded with tuna salad, American cheese, and leaf lettuce. Served with orange jicama salad.

Curry Chicken
Our very own creamy curry chicken salad on a bakery-fresh croissant. Served with couscous salad.

Served on a fresh grilled focaccia, with a colorful pepper medley, sun-dried tomatoes, sprouts, yellow squash, and grilled carrots. Served with fresh fruit salad.


Turkey/Ham Wrap
Thinly-sliced smoked turkey or black forest ham; both come with jack cheese, baby green lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and a dill cream cheese rolled into a wrap. Served with couscous salad.

Oriental Wrap
Teriyaki marinated chicken breast with sticky rice, sesame seeds, green onions, cucumber, watercress, and cilantro drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Served with orange jicama salad.

Veggie Wrap
Fresh carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, leaf lettuce, diced tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, and a dill cream cheese. Served with fresh fruit salad.